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The Caframo Ecofan 812 AirMax, 810 UltrAir, 800 Original and 815 Original Mini are heat powered fans designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood-stove operating with normal surface temperatures of between 85°C and 345°C. These fans do not use batteries or mains power.
Ecofan 815 Mini

The Original Mini 815 is the smallest Ecofan with an operating height of just 165mm (6.5”) making it a suitable option for limited spaces.

Ecofan 800 Original

The Original 800 Ecofan outperforms all Chinese copy stove fans and is effective for rooms up to 120 sq. ft

Ecofan 812 Airmax

The 812 AirMax will provide the highest air flow and start working at the lowest temperature so this is the ultimate choice.

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