Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

Finding the perfect stove for your home or property is important, Johnson’s Builders Merchant and Stove Store has a great range of woodburners and multifuel stoves to choose from. We provide all the latest models from trusted brands, including Arada, Di Lusso, Beltane, Esse and many more. Simply make your choice and complete a site survey and we can recommend a trusted, local installer. Contact us today for a site survey or more information on any of our woodburners.

Stove Experts

As stove experts, we can advise on the best woodburners or multifuel stoves to suit you and your property. Wood burning stove a highly energy efficient source of heat. As a clean fuel option, they are recognised by European environment and safety legislation as being a great option for many homes and families.

Wood Burning Stoves and The Benefits

The benefits of having a wood burners and multifuel stoves include:

Wood Burning Stoves and The Benefits

Multi-fuel stoves, as the name implies, may burn a variety of fuels in addition to wood. As a result, they are more adaptable than a traditional wood-burning stove.

While you can burn both wood and coal in a multi-fuel stove, it’s critical that you don’t do so at the same time. Because coal includes sulphuric acid and wood contains moisture, this is the case.

Multi-fuel stoves provide heat by establishing a regulated atmosphere in which several types of fuel can be burned. A multi-fuel stove’s metal casing helps to radiate heat into the room for long periods of time, even after the fire has died out.

A wood-burning stove may be worth it only for the increased heat output from your flames compared to open wood-burning fireplaces, and you’ll save money on firewood in the long run because you can control the fire in a wood stove to burn more slowly and efficiently.

Wood burner Site Survey

A site survey could not be easier with The Stove Store, simply fill out the simple form online or contact us and we can access the stove to suit. As skilled experts in what we do, we know we can find the perfect match.

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